The 6 Best Sublimation Inks For Printers Reviews In 2022

Printers Jack 400ML Sublimation Ink
Printers Jack 400ML Sublimation Ink
  • Ink Quantity: 400ml
  • Brand: Printers Jack
  • Color: Multi-Color
  • Special Feature: Refill Ink

Xcinkjet Sublimation Ink
Xcinkjet Sublimation Ink
  • Ink Quantity: 400ml
  • Brand: Xcinkjet
  • Color: BK C M Y
  • Special Feature: Refill Ink
WOKOK Sublimation Ink
WOKOK Sublimation Ink
  • Ink Quantity: 400ml
  • Brand: WOKOK
  • Color: Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow
  • Special Feature: High quality

Sublimation has been extremely popular, and it may find almost anyplace. But how come this is the case? Customized and personalized products are becoming an increasingly popular and profitable business enterprise. On the other hand, the right tools are critical for running a profitable and efficient sublimation business. One of these choices and the best tool is sublimation ink which is the core tool of your business.

However, if you want to operate a lucrative and effective business, you must have the proper tools, and sublimation ink is one of them. As a result, we have compiled a list to assist you in selecting the best sublimation ink for your business. You are noticing that an online store appears out of nowhere. Right now, it’s just the best and quick method to enhance your income. While there is a lot of competition, it does not imply it is too late to get in. Hopefully, you will discover your best ink for sublimation printing to help you start your sublimation business as per your own choices with remarkable results.

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Things to Know Before Buying a Sublimation Ink:

When deciding which one is suitable or not, you must also consider the factors before buying your favorite ink. So when purchasing ink for your sublimation task, you must consider it.


The main factor is the size of the bottle because if the size is more significant, you may not need to refill it for a more extended period. In this article, each bottle size is 100ml capacity. If you are a novice, 100ml is a sufficient bottle size, but if you are using ink for professional or commercial purposes, you need the big one. So more minor in size means you need to refill it frequently.


Some cartridges and ink bottles build for a specific brand and model. Suppose you have Epson C88 or C88+, then you must buy a sublimation ink CISS system and ink. So compatibility is also the main factor to consider while choosing ink. If the ink is not compatible with your printer, then you may cause clogging or unwanted results. Printer Jack and WOKOK ink have compatibility with all the printers of Epson and WorkForce.


When the printer cartridge is low, and you have no option rather than refilling, you need injectors, a tube holder, and syringes for convenient operation. If these accessories come with the box, then you do not have to buy them separately.


All sublimated inks do not give you the desired results in terms of vibrancy and clarity. So if you are curious about color selection, which is vibrant, then there are many brands in the marketplace to choose from. From sublimation dyes, you can get more clear and vivid colors on the sublimation surfaces.

Waterproof and Long-lasting

All links which are using for sublimation are waterproof. These links are also was not fade away on multi washes.  Please also read about the instruction manual given by the company on waterproof or water resistance from the company manual.


The sublimation ink uses on many surfaces, so more surface compatibility means more flexibility. Most sublimation ink is used on every material like mugs, t-shirts, caps, ceramics, shoes, polyester. The flexibility of the sublimated ink is directly related to the diversity of printing elements.

The 6 Best Sublimation Inks For Printers Comparison Table In 2022.

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1) Printers Jack 400ML Sublimation Ink Review.

[amazon box=”B07DB8QN28″]


Box Dimension6.3 x 4.2 x 3.5 inches
Waterproof/Fade resisitantyes
Ink Quality400ml

Overview Of The Product

best sublimation ink for Epson 7710

Jack400ML is my little sublimated ink right away, and it’s the one I use the most. It produces excellent images, has an ICC Color Profile, and performs just as advertised. I suggest this sublimation ink for the readers, especially those with a WF-7710 by the Epson brand because it performs very well with precision. I have used this ink for many years on my WF-7710, so I found it the best sublimation ink for Epson 7710.

Printers Jack sublimated ink performs best when kept and just used according to the package recommendations. For starters, make sure that your sublimation ink is stored at a temperature between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. That is not a problem in most places, but it can be a problem if left outside.

You may limit the time which ink spends at high temperatures. In addition, you should strive for a pressing temperature of approximately 392 °F. You’ll probably need to run additional tests to perfect your settings, but this is an excellent start. You may use Printers Jack’s recommended transfer temperatures as a beginning point for tuning in your desired settings.

It would help to verify that you are pressing from at least 25 PSI over 45 seconds. Most heat press machines have no trouble with the timer option. Furthermore, but if you have a high-end heat-press, your heat press is unlikely to measure pressure this precisely. While you should strive for the pressure of approximately 25 PSI, I suggest executing some analysis to find what pressure best suits your materials.

Printer Jack is highly compatible with ET5800 ET2720 ET7700 L3110  ET2760 ET2750 ET15000 ET3760 ET4760 ET2650 ET16600 ET3710 WF2760 WF2860 ET16600 WF7710 WF2760 WF2860 printers.

  • Best graphical representation on surfaces
  • Beautiful and vibrant colors
  • Instant use after pressing
  • Not compatible with cotton surface

Summary Of The Product

Printers Jack’s sublimation ink gets a thumbs up from me. It’s widely available and reasonably priced, which means you’ll be able to replenish your ink in the case of an emergency rapidly. As its popularity of performance rises, you do not prefer to upgrade it very soon, and it forces you to keep using it.

2) Segol Sublimation Ink For Epson Printers Review

[amazon box=”B07QN7JPN4″]


Weight1.19 pounds
Box Dimension6.26 x 4.37 x 3.43 inches
Waterproof/Fade resisitantyes
Ink Quality400ml

Overview Of The Product

Senegal also comes in 400 ml, and it is the best ink for your sublimation artwork for beginners and experts who need their customized design into reality with the best results. The best ink for your dye work facilitates your craft with vivid color and stylish stuff while touching the surface. It is the best product for those who want to jump into the business as a novice but not in creativity.

Senegal ink is simple to use ink, and you do not need to master understanding ink behavior over the printer and the material you are using. Clogging is the main issue in the ink because it adversely affects the ink performance over the printer. Hence, Seogal is not clogging, so you don’t worry about what happens when you are not using it for over a week or two.

Ink sublimation is best suitable to print on the polyester material. If you wonder about the ink best for polyester, it stands out from the competition. However, there is terrible news for those who are thinking of printing on cotton. 

If we are talking about their durability, protection from UV rays, and long-lasting with no fading, then all your concerns are in favor of this product. Also, this sublimated ink is water-resistant and light-resistant.  The colors, as a result, are stable and bright. Senegal ink is a water-based color transfer ink, so the color transfer speed is more than its other competitors.

You never regret the terrible purchase because this modern technology has three layers of filtered ink that is easy to transfer on different materials and suitable for dark fabrics.

Seogol sublimated ink is best combaitble with Epson brand printers. Among Epson printer this ink is compatible with ET2760 ET2720 ET2750 ET4700 ET4760 ET15000 ET16600 ET2650 ET3760 ET3710 WorkForce WF2860 WF2850 WF7820 WF3540 WF3640 WF3520 WF7010 WF3620 WF7110 WF7520 WF7610 WF7510 WF7620 WF7720 WF7210 WF7710 Stylus C68 C88 and C88+ Printers.

  • Take minimum effort
  • Low usage of water
  • Best for refillable cartridges
  • Vibrant color
  • Few customers complain about color fade within a one-month interval

Summary Of The Product

Senegal sublimation ink stands out from the competition because of its outstanding printing output. It has vibrant and clear colors as its creator does. After choosing this link, you can build your business with a good spirit. Senegal ink can perform well over mugs, t-shirts, phone covers, pillows, and many more materials.

3) Xcinkjet Sublimation Ink Review.

[amazon box=”B083V2CMCS”]


Weight1.3 pounds
Box Dimension9.1 x 6.4 x 2 inches
Waterproof/Fade resisitantyes
Ink Quality100ml

Overview Of The Product

The ink which is using in sublimation is compatible with many printers which are top trending in marketplaces. If you have a lot of ink for the sublimation on many products, you must keep in mind their leakage and ensure their proper storage place. 

In this case, Xcinkjet sublimation ink has a proper seal, so no chance of leakage. And do not worry about their storage place because this ink is not dry quickly in extremely hot or cold weather conditions.  So realize your tension about their storage and leakage.

As a businessman, you wish to have many product lines with diversity that attract customers from all mindsets. Xcinkjet ink also solves your problem because this ink is best fitted on many materials like the mug, cups, pillows, t-shirts, shoes and so on.

The ink provides you vibrancy in color, which looks beautiful on many surfaces. A pretty cool printing you get with its contrast effect. Likewise, you were not let down when thousands of eyes stick to your craft.

Additionally, if you are health conscious and do not put your health on the stack because of the toxic effects of ink, xcinkjet is the ink that is non-toxic to your health, so stay calm and focus on your craft side rest handled by the printer and its ink themselves.

Xcinkjet ink is best compatible with WF7720 ET2750 WF3640 ET2650 ET2720 WF3620 WF7620 WF3520 WF3540 WF7010 WF7510 WF7520 WF7110 WF7610 WF7210 WF7710 WF2750 C88 and C88+ printer etc.

  • High quality dying with precision
  • Little harmful
  • No hard work needed
  • Durable
  • Quite pricey

Summary Of The Product

Xcinkjet ink facilitates the user with various applications on versatile materials, such as your pillow, phone case, plate, bag, t-shirt, or mugs. The final results come out of the printer is vibrant and more precise than other standard inks. You can convince yourself about this ink because it is non-toxic(eco-friendly) ink, and it utilizes low energy during your entire printing process.

4) INKXPRO 4 X 100ml Sublimation Ink Review.

[amazon box=”B01241787A”]


Weight1.01 pounds
Box Dimension8 x 2 x 5 inches
Waterproof/Fade resisitantyes
Ink Quality100ml

Overview Of The Product

INKXPRO is among those small brands that can stand out from the competition based on their quality products.  This brand is not compromising on its ink quality at any cost.  The color depth of this sublimation ink is a black hue. Moreover, this ink has color shades, and these shades come in blue, purple, grey, and near to black but not true black.

With this product, you will get pre-filled 600 ml total tanks. There are 6 color tanks available in the package, and each tank has a 100 ml quantity of colors. Six different colors are black, cyan, light cyan, magenta, light magenta, and yellow. Instant drying of these colors is the main advantage. INKXPRO is also dry immediately on glossy paper

By using INKXPRO, you will get vibrant, appealable, and vivid results. You can also check the compatibility of the ink with the printer by type your printer model on the “confirm fit” bar and see their compatibility. ICC profile is also a factor that facilitates the ink for transferring the color on the surface, which is available for Mac and Windows. This ICC profile experience helps you to ease with the whole operation to get the best results.

The compatibility with many printers their use is so easy. If you want your craft as natural as in the image, don’t go anywhere and choose this as your best companion to motivate you to think more creatively about your design only. It is the best ink for your photos and customizes your gifts for your loved ones.

The ink is compatible with WF 3520 WF 3540 WF 3620 WF 3640 WF 7010 WF 7510 WF 7520 WF 7110 WF 7610 WF 7620 WF-7710 WF-7720 WF-7210 C88 C68 C88+ and printers having four colors Ecotank.

  • Setup is easy as well as ease of use
  • Durable and vibrant color
  • Quick dye ink drying
  • Bang for bucks
  • Resetting is quite difficult

Summary Of The Product

INKXPRO is the best sublimation inks for Epson printers which is an actual professional color sublimated ink that facilitates you in terms of cost-reducing, ease of use, and best solution for replacement of ink cartridge. You can convert your craft into reality in pure colors. You will get the desired results for users in a limited budget and wise selection of ink.

5) Hiipoo Sublimation Ink Review.

[amazon box=”B08CTF6FL4″]


Weight1.23 pounds
Box Dimension6.5 x 1.73 x 5.12 inches
Waterproof/Fade resisitantyes
Ink Quality100ml

Overview Of The Product

Hiipoo will give you a handshake by its best performance over the multi surfaces in terms of quality when you are looking for hot selling ink for your sublimation tasks. As a seller, your primary concern is color precision then Hiipoo will help you because the print that comes to life is vivid and vibrant in color. For sublimation, you can use this ink with ease of use over different processing fonts, sock, block patterns, and many more surfaces.

Hiipoo ink is best suitable for heat transfer, so this ink does not stick or blocking the printer head because of the low size ink outlet. When you need an output on paper, this sublimation ink performs the best among all. Because of suitability with heat transfer factor, it provides best results on glass, mousepad, t-shirt, and other surfaces.

It provides vibrancy in color and more clear printing that grabs anyone’s attention around you. However, it comes with automatic refilling containers with a 98% high transfer rate that save your precious time. When you are working on paper, then you must have to transfer a dye.  Hiipoo ink is the best suitable for white and dark fabrics.

High saturation adds to your image with the fast mechanism of ink drying. HD color presentation and print adhesion of this ink stun the viewers. It is compatible with WF7720 WF7710 HP 8600 HP 8610 HP 8620 HP 8630 Canon PIXMA Canon MX922 Canon MG7520 Canon MG5520 Canon MG5420 EcoTank.

  • Results are more durable and clear
  • Not bad for printer head
  • Best value for your money
  • Refilling is difficult

Summary Of The Product

If you want prints with vivid and bright results and good permeability, high saturation, quick-drying, no fading, and waterproof, then Hiipoo ink is the best choice that fulfills your requirements. It is water-based ink for dye sublimation. Additionally, the particle size of ink is half of the size of its outlet, so there is no chance of printer head blockage.

6) WOKOK Sublimation Ink Review.

[amazon box=”B08PC1GPTJ”]


Weight1.72 pounds
Box Dimension6.89 x 2.17 x 5.71 inches
Waterproof/Fade resisitantyes
Ink Quality100ml each

Overview Of The Product

When it comes to the suitability or compatibility of ink with a sublimation printer, then WOKOK ink is compatible with all types of printers where you can get a task of sublimation. WOKOK ink comes in 4 colors cyan, yellow, black, and magenta. The package I received has four needles, four syringes, and a pair of gloves which are more convenient with cartridge or Ecotank injection.

You can use WOKOK sublimation ink on sublimation paper with a heat press machine. You can sublimate many products through this link, like quilts, mugs, pillows, cloth, ceramics, coasters, bags, mousepads, key chains, and many more.

I was purchasing this item to decorate my house with my get-to-gather pictures in my room. The outcome in terms of printing is best, vivid, bright, and vibrant to show off my photography skill into reality. These prints are fade-resistant and waterproof.

It is refillable, and these refillable kits are durable. When your Sublimated surface is fabric, use the fabric with 30% low content or use a polyester surface. Sublimation paper color may look rough or dull, but the ink color looks genuine, so complete the sublimation and observe the color outputs before alteration in the setting.  WOKOK ink also protects your design from Ultraviolet radiations.

WOKOK sublimated ink best ink for sublimation printing which is the best compatible with all printers.  Ink is suitable for Workforce Series/Expression Series/ EcoTank Series and other EP models.

  • Shinier and eye-catching colors
  • Best quality at a competitive price
  • Ease of use
  • Long-lasting results
  • Not suitable for glass printing

Summary Of The Product

Overall, I am thrilled with this purchase because it is ink that fills my life memories in the form of images into reality with clarity and brightness. You can use this ink over many surfaces.

FAQ’s ( Frequently Asked Questions)

1- What is the difference between UV and sublimation ink?

  • The main difference between UV and sublimation ink is their drying duration.
  • The UV ink dries too early, but due to the complex transferring process of the picture, the drying takes time.
  • The UV printer performs multilayer printing in the same duration of time, but there is a single printing process in the sublimation case. 

2- What is the best ink for sublimation?

Printer Jack ink is the best ink for sublimation because it performs very well on any material as well as its compatibility with the printer makes it able to stand out from the crowd. So you can personalize the gifts for your loved ones.

3- Is all sublimation ink the same?

No. Because each ink has different characteristics and responses against printers and the application surface on which they are used. Many inks are waterproof, fade-resistance but few are not. As many types of ink dry instantly, but few inks do not dry quickly. So it is not justifiable to say all sublimation inks are the same.

4- Is sublimation ink better than an inkjet?

  • Inkjet printer prints the liquid ink on the top side of the paper, but the sublimation printer permeates the surface with ink vapors.
  • Sublimation ink provides you with the best graphics on plastic surfaces, while inkjet provides the best document printing results.
  • Sublimation ink is waterproof as compared to an inkjet.

5- can i use sublimation ink on regular paper?

No, you can’t use sublimation ink on regular paper. The paper has to be special paper that is heat sensitive and can withstand high temperatures.

6- Can you use any sublimation ink?

The answer is yes, you can use any sublimation ink.

However, the best quality inks are those that are made specifically for this process. These inks are designed to be compatible with the heat and pressure needed for sublimation printing.

7- can sublimation ink be removed

Yes the sublimation ink can be removed. The process of removing sublimation ink from paper is done by using a chemical called acetone. Acetone can dissolve the sublimation inks and any other types of inks, but it will also dissolve some of the paper’s fibers as well.

Final Verdict

If you want a product at the commercial level or for a home business, selecting the best sublimation ink for your creativity is more important.  Sublimation ink will make your ideas come alive. So in this article, we go through all the factors that directly or indirectly affect your productivity.

At this stage, we have to explore the best of three editor’s choices which stand out in terms of quality, compatibility as well as flexibility on different surfaces:

  1. Printer Jack
  2. WOKOK Ink
  3. Xcinkjet Sublimation Ink

Also, remember that all products reviews are based on a couple of factors. So ink compatibility blends with printers, then a beautiful end product came into being that will last longer with no fading. You can also improve your performance by using custom-made color profiles.

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