Best sublimation printer for mugs Buyer’s Guide

Best Sublimation Printer For Mugs

It is time to make your sublimation printing job more confident and up to the mark. Lots of models, including both high-quality and low-quality, have arrived in the market. And now no need to get confused because we can surely help you get the best sublimation printer. The kind of printers mentioned below work supremely and gives laser kind of graphics and sharp text.

Here we have put up honest and unbiased reviews on the best sublimation printer for mugs. I have always got the best prints from these top printer suggestions. In addition, these printers have a page gauge feature and INKvestment Tank Models so that you can thoroughly monitor and keep an eye on ink usage. Furthermore, the below suggested printers remain used explicitly for the mugs printing job.

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Things To Know Before Buying a Sublimation Printer (Buying Guide):

The buying guide on choosing the best sublimation printer for mugs has arrived. Go through the illustrated piece of information and never make a mistake in getting a low-quality and cheap sublimation printer:

Get Performance and Value beyond Laser

First, getting a sublimation printer remains a must for you that shows high-performance and high value beyond laser. Many sublimation printers work according to the sublimation printing standards, and they manage to keep showing progress and improvement at their end. Like, we have WorkForce Pro WF-7710, and it operates itself on the Precision Core technology. This one hi-fi technology makes any sublimation printer high-performing and highly valuable.

Print-Shop High Quality

Look for the sublimation printer that gives print-shop and high-quality printing results. Avoid choosing a printer that offers low printing quality because a low price range remains associated with it. You should never and ever compromise printing quality only because the printer comes with a low price tag. Furthermore, it needs to offer borderless printing jobs up to 13″ x 19″.

Economical and flexible paper handling 

Moreover, hunt for such high-end sublimation printers that mark themselves as economical and offer flexible paper handling operations. From economical, we mean that your chosen printer has to count itself as budget-friendly and consume less power.

So, if it uses and consumes up to 80% less energy, it means you can blindly and worry-free trust the quality of that sublimation printer. Besides, one needs to constantly praise those kinds of sublimation printers that offer flexible paper handling operations. High and top-quality printers have a regular sheet tray, specialty paper tray.

Auto 2-sided Printing and easy navigation

It remains a must for the person to have the sublimation printer that performs auto 2-sided printing and comes with an Auto Document Feeder. Lots of top-notch and top-rated sublimation printers offer accessible and tiring-free navigation control settings. In addition, most of the latest versions have an intuitive touchscreen and easy control settings so that even beginners can operate the technical sublimation printing job with ease.

Wireless Printing 

Furthermore, it remains preferable to have the sublimation printer model that delivers wireless printing operations. And that model becomes super best and amazing to use if it offers wireless networking operations. The current sublimation printer models can easily connect with iPad, iPhone, and even Android tablets and smartphones.

Large Scanning operations

Lastly, have the sublimation that gives large and mammoth scanning operations. Like, it can scan around and about up to 11″ x 17″ and even installs itself with a 2-sided and Auto Document Feeder, which means you have picked the desirable printer mode.

You can right now convey to us how you select a sublimation printer! More points on the buying guide will sooner share over here, so stay tuned on this page. We have so far put up all crucial matters that may guide you extensively. And further points and details will sooner be available on this platform.

The 7 Best Sublimation Printers For Mugs Comparison Table In 2022

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1. WorkForce WF-7710 PrinterBest All In One Sublimation Printer Review

WorkForce WF-7710 Printer

Undoubtedly and undeniably, I found this WorkForce WF-7710 sublimation printer Cricut relatively improved than that of other regular printers. It fulfills my fundamental requirements, and I am happy to buy it!

Most importantly, WorkForce WF-7710 comes in the category of an Epson all-in-one printer. Essential and primary tasks like printing, scanning, copying, and faxing remain successfully performed by it.

Users have preferred such a printer on a professional note because it maneuvers on the precision core technology. For coming up with borderless prints, the whole job has become breezy enough. You can get the images up to the size range of 13″ x 19″. In addition, there encompasses a 25-sheet paper tray in it. You can either keep 20 photo paper sheets or ten envelope sheets.

Now, if you feel like customizing your mug and wish to emboss exciting prints on them, have WorkForce WF-7710. This reviewed printer performs automatic printing and can successfully print both sides of the page. And the presence of a touch screen tells you which setting you have turned on this sublimation printer! Take out your old mugs and injected eye-catchy prints on them.

  • PrecisionCore technology
  • borderless printing
  • Wireless printing
  • Minimum warranty
  • Little slow


  • 250-sheet paper tray
  • Hold 20 photo paper sheets
  • Hold ten envelopes
  • Automatic 2-sided printing
  • Printing from iPad, iPhone

Our Final Thoughts

The options of both wireless printing and wireless networking remain offered from this WorkForce WF-7710 sublimation printer side. So, connect this printer with your iPad, iPhone and take out the desired prints.

2- WorkForce WF-7210Dye Sublimation Printer Review

WorkForce WF-7210

The upcoming recommendation that we have reviewed for you arrives in the form of WorkForce WF-7210. My friends and I personally used this best dye sublimation printer, and we were impressed by it.

Most noteworthy, it delivers a premium and top-notch printing experience. The package includes Genuine Epson inks, and you should avoid using any of the third-party inks with this printer.

In addition, it runs on the precision core format, and laser printing kind of results gets constantly delivered by it. Whether you want to get colored graphics or take out the print of sharp black text, use WorkForce WF-7210 and see the perfection in your printing results.

The kind of borderless prints and economical operations served by WorkForce WF-7210 all look so amazing. Now, you can take out your mugs collection and feel free to print whatsoever text and graphics on them! We know that colored laser printers consume a lot of power, but WorkForce WF-7210 uses little power that you cannot imagine.

  • Quality printing experience
  • Uses less power 
  • Dash Replenishment feature
  • Compatible with only Epson cartridges
  • Little slow


  • Precision Core technology
  • High-quality color graphics
  • Laser-sharp text
  • Premium borderless prints
  • Versatile and flexible paper handling

Our Final Thoughts

WorkForce WF-7210 sublimation printer has a Dash Replenishment feature. It means upon activating this respective feature; you can keep track and history of your ink usage. Now, no guesswork needs from the user side. Access the Dash Replenishment feature and keep the stock of ink cartridges accordingly.

3- Brother MFC-J995DWBest For T Shirts, cricuts, mugs Printing

Brother MFC-J995DW

Brother MFC-J995DW has brought such a fantastic advancement in the sublimation printing industry. Most importantly, it gives laser kind of printing texts, graphics. If you wish to surround your mugs with an eye-catchy customized look, we think that using Brother MFC-J995DW remains the most excellent choice.

You may count it as the best sublimation printer for t shirts. The package includes ink for up to one year. The good part that made this printer model a true winner in the sublimation printing market! It is that it runs on the Inkvestment tank system. Its ink cartridges remain reengineered and manage to hold a large and maximum amount of ink content.

If you think that your current mugs printing job has become hassle-filled and full of interruptions, it means time to get a new printer and have Brother MFC-J995DW. The induction of brother intelligent and premium page gauge feature helps you determine how much ink is needed and used so far.

  • One year of ink.
  • Premium Reengineered ink cartridges.
  • Wireless and USB connectivity.
  • A bit heavy
  • Little slow


  • Continuous printing operations.
  • Intelligent Page Gauge
  • Support lots of Network Protocols
  • Revolutionary kind of INKvestment Tank System

Our Final Thoughts

Brother MFC-J995DW operates on the INKvestment Tank inkjet mechanism. It makes use of clean and familiar cartridges and successfully holds more ink so that you feel no need to replace your cartridges again and again.

4- Epson Stylus C88+ Inkjet Best Sub Printer For Mugs

Epson Stylus C88+ Inkjet

How about using Epson Stylus C88+ best printer for dye sublimation? Indeed, you can have this printer! This one is a pure inkjet printer and remains compatible with plain paper and glossy paper sheets. In addition, the kind of printing color capability showcased by Epson Stylus C88+ Inkjet Printer sounds and seems to look epic. Furthermore, the mono printing speed and overall color printing speed offered by this printer constantly declare satisfactorily.

It can reasonably handle plain paper, bond paper, card stock, airmail paper, semi-gloss paper, matte paper, envelopes, and bright white papers. You can use the same Epson Stylus C88+ Inkjet Printer for getting a print on other presentation papers as well! Its input tray sheet capacity reaches up to the mark of 120. On the other, the operating system supports all kinds of Windows. Even more, the printing results often surround themselves with matte finishing.

Whenever you get a print that packs itself with a matte finish, it means you used the top-quality sublimation printer. Patterns jam-packed by matte finish make them further and extremely highly textured.

In addition, the satin finish presence removes all dullness from your prints and gives the result according to the industry demands. We think that an excellent printer dedicatedly meant for mugs printing has arrived. Time to get it; otherwise, its stock may get end.

  • Parallel Ports
  • Extensive Media Handling
  • Maximum Input Media Sheet Capacity
  • Not noise-free.
  • Little slow


  • High Mono Print Speed
  • Maximum Color Printing Speed
  • High Print Resolution
  • Premium Borderless printing
  • Operating System Supported feature

Our Final Thoughts

Undeniably, Epson Stylus C88+ Inkjet Printer and its cartridges are of high and supreme capacity. The presence of high degree and top-natured ink tanks makes sure to give you mess-free printing time. Furthermore, the respective printer model assures this fact that none of your prints get a scratch or smudge. The printing results remain smudge-resistant and scratch-resistant. Its printing outcomes withstand water and show much resistance to fading. 

5- Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-SBest Dye Sublimation Printer For Mugs

Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S

Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S sublimation printer remains identified as one of the eco-friendly options. According to dye sublimation printer reviews, you will probably find it as one of the top dye photo sublimation printers. Apart from printing mugs, the same printing device can get availed for printing on cups, plastic substrates, and any fabric.

 In addition, Paper Flange Spacer, Ink Cassette, and Paper Strip Bin constantly make this printer a top choice. Furthermore, it has an AC Power Cord and CD-ROM. The presence of cable ties, securing bands, and one year warranty time makes it a super reliable model.

A total number of two printing sizes remains delivered by Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S. It means that you can print out two different sizes and formats and thus save your time.Moreover, the reviewed sublimation printer reduces stock references and makes the overall maintenance job easy.

So, if you notice that your current printed for sublimating mugs do not offer high resolution, time to buy this one Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S model printer; it fully incorporates all of the latest and highly developed mechanisms in it. The kind of printing processing methods displayed at its end remains so much impressive.

  • One Year Warranty
  • Two print formats
  • High Resolution
  • The speed factor should improve a bit more.
  • Little slow


  • Two print sizes
  • The highly developed image processing mechanism
  • Natural images
  • 300DPI
  • Uses less Standby-energy
  • Matte finishing

Our Final Thoughts

Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S sublimation printer gives printing results that always accompany smooth edges. In addition, it successfully delivers natural printing images results at 300DPI. Besides, it brings down power consumption and immerses itself in the 965 sleep mode most of the time.

6- Epson ExpressionCompact Sublimation Printer

Epson Expression

Epson Expression sublimation printer may make your mug printing tasks hassle-free and quite exciting natured one! One of the best versions of Epson printers for sublimation has got reviewed for you. Get hold of the Epson cartridges and not any third-party cartridges, and start to sublimate your mugs.

You can further see the product description and details on the packaging and know which ink cartridges remain compatible with this sublimation printer set. So, a printer has arrived that promises to serve you specialized printing results. In addition, it provides HD photo quality and undoubtedly impressive borderless prints.

Moreover, six color ranges of Claria photo HD inks get included in the set. Very few of the latest sublimation printers count as the best choice for carrying out personal and professional printing tasks, and the Epson Expression printer counts as the top choice! It can handle all media papers and stocks with ease.

Time to bring promising progress in your sublimating printing job! Try using this Epson Expression printer and share your results.

  • Professional HD photo quality
  • Amazing borderless prints 
  • Best for Professional projects
  • Comparatively, more power gets consumed.
  • Little slow


  • Claria Photo HD ink
  • Top-quality black and white prints
  • 50 sheet rear tray
  • Accommodates all kinds of paper finishes

Our Final Thoughts

Epson Expression sublimation printer, no doubt, is one of the ultra-compact and versatile sublimation printers! It showcases convenient and easy-to-understand printing features. One of the paramount reasons that make this model a hi-fi choice remains that it allows auto 2 sided printing and accompanies itself with a 200 sheet front tray

7- Epson Artisan 1430 – Wireless Sublimation Printer

Epson Artisan 1430

Though Epson Artisan 1430 counts and recognized itself as one of the expensive sublimation printers but the kind of printing results it usually showcases, they sound jaw-opening! The sublimation printer review guarantees to print your photos and sublimate your mugs on the high-definition notes.

In addition, you can produce borderless prints up to top standards. Lots of ease and other convenience features increase the popularity scale of the Epson Artisan 1430 printer. It contains 6-color Claria ink and even allows CD/DVD printing. Suppose you think this printer seems challenging to use; read out the manual and bring yourself from such an inconvenience.

Hence, a convenient and top-notch wireless networking printer has arrived. If you want to give catchy and customize mugs to your folks, get a sublimation printer first of all and perform the whole job in budget-friendly mode. The incorporation of advanced and latest color graphics and lighting correction feature assuredly gives you fantastic print results.

  • Hi-Definition photos
  • Wireless printing 
  • CD/DVD printing
  • No matte finishing
  • Little slow


  • Six-color Claria ink
  • Print from the smartphone, iPhone
  • Color wide format
  • Gallery-worthy prints
  • Smudge and fade-resistant printing

Our Final Thoughts

Epson Artisan 1430 sublimation printer assures to give ultra and super high-definition prints. The presence of Claria 6-color ink makes sure that the person keeps on receiving ultimate results no matter how technical the printing job looks! Besides, Epson Artisan 1430 sublimation printer guarantees longevity, and it ensures to remain with you up to four times longer than using other photo lab printers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

On average notes, not all kinds of printers perform and execute the job of sublimation printing. There lie some of the exceptions. Only high-end printers remain compatible and feasible to do sublimation printing.

Furthermore, it is mandatory to use sublimation paper if using a regular printer for sublimation printing needs. Avoid using regular print papers and regular printing inks and only use the ingredients that remain companionable for sublimation printing.

Lots of printers have arrived in the market that you can transform into a sublimation printer. But picking out the suitable printer model mark and considers an arduous task. Only high-quality printers can conveniently get transformed into sublimation.

We have options like Epson inkjet printers and Sawgrass printers. You can have them at your end and turn them into a sublimation printer. So far, these companies often get marked as the top choices for tasks related to sublimation printing.

A few of the differences and dissimilarities do exist between sublimation printers and regular printers. Talking about inkjet printers, they print liquid ink right on the top section of the paper.

On the other hand, sublimation printers manage to permeate the material with the help of ink vapors. In addition, the technique of sublimation printing believes as a valuable technique for printing graphics onto some plastic substrates. However, inkjet printing counts itself as a helpful technique for document printing.

Yes, if you keep on investing in sublimation printers, it remains marked as a valuable and profitable idea. They run on the latest and highly progressed technologies. They have become a top choice for printing on mugs, cups, plastic substrates, and t-shirts.

Moreover, sublimation printers print effectively and fast. A vast number of printing market segments have praised such a technology. They have welcomed the arrival of sublimation printers with open hearts and open arms.

The answer to this question is not as simple as it seems. There are two types of sublimation, one that is permanent and one that is not. The type of sublimation process used will determine how long the image will last on the mug.

The permanent sublimation process uses an ink-jet printer to put the design onto a special paper. This paper is then wrapped around the mug, which ensures that the design never fades or wears off of your mug. The non-permanent process works in a similar way but does not use ink-jet printers and instead prints onto a polyester sheet which then adheres to your mug with heat and pressure. This means that over time, your design will wear off after repeated use and washing cycles.

Our Final Verdict:

Time to take out your mugs collection and infuse some of the best and exciting print designs on them! The reviews on the best sublimation printer for mugs have got delivered to you. And the choice remains up to the folk which printer he wants to choose! Unquestionably, these are wide format, wireless and high-end printers. They print and scan on the brilliant notes. In addition, the kind of borderless printing service offered from their side remains epic.

Our top editor choices are:

Take out some of your money and invest in such kind of high-profile sublimation printers. The brands suggested above claim to offer shop-like results. We are sure that you will find them versatile printers because outstanding sublimation printing jobs remain served from their side. They keep on ensuring and delivering a high amount of productivity. Keep tuned with us as further latest models and reviews on the best sublimation printers are yet to arrive sooner.

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