Can You Sublimate On Cotton?

Well, it is an exciting era to live in, where you are amazed by customized products!

Sublimating printing is undoubtedly an excellent technique and offers you unbelievable results. With this technique, you can create unique products and can amaze anyone.


Sublimation was applied only on polyester, but now, you can also get the prints on your cotton shirts. The dye is converted into gaseous molecules, absorbed in the pores of fabrics, and stays there for a long time. The color would never fade or crack, thus making it a favorite printing technique of many.

Read on to know more about this printing technique!

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What Is The Process Of Sublimation?

So, if you are also a great fan of sublimation printing but have no idea how it works, continue to read and know it all.

Design the required print on a special paper called sublimation paper. A particular type of sublimation ink is used for this purpose, converted into gas when you heat the heat instead of getting into the liquid phase.


As you place the design on the fabric like cotton or other material, the design is transferred onto its surface. The dye molecule gets attached to cotton and gives you excellent results. The chances for color fading are far low.

Here, you use the heat to transfer the design, and heat also opens up the pores of the fabric; and dye molecules get trapped there. Because of the high temperature, the dye is converted into heat, but it will come back to solid-state as you cool it down.

Which Fabrics Can Be Printed With Sublimation?

If you are thinking of printing on beautiful designs with the help of sublimation, it is pretty important to consider the fabrics which can be used for this purpose. Here is a list of all the fabrics which can be used for this purpose:

  • Polymer
  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Polyvinyl chloride or PVC
  • Polymer coated plastic  
  • Polymer coated metals
  • Polymer coated aluminum
  • Ceramics
  • Polyester
  • And polymer made fabric

Out of the above, the best materials which can be used for sublimation are polyester and ceramic. And, you can print the design or logos on a variety of fabrics like polyester or cotton. You have a choice either to print some traditional design or something different; it’s all up to you!

Can You Sublimate On Cotton?

Yes, you can sublimate on cotton, and no need to wear polyester or any other stuff anymore. Well, in the past, sublimation printing was just limited to 100% polyester materials. And the worst thing was that the colors used to fade with time.

But, it might be surprising for you that now you can sublimate all of your cotton shirts. The unique transfer material and ink systems also let you get all the required images on your favorite cotton shirts.


Sublimation on cotton is a reality, and now you can get the required vibrant colors on cotton or any other material.  So, from now you can enjoy the richness of sublimation and softness of the cotton.

The sublimation inks can form a strong bond with cotton and stay there for a long time. Therefore, you can décor all of your cotton shirts from light to dark colors with sublimation printing. And above all, now you are free to think beyond the polyester sublimation printing!

And, the best thing about these prints is that they would not crack, peel off, or would never go away as you would wash them. The result is permanent, and all the colors will stay there for a long time. But, to get everything up to the mark and ensure outstanding results, always ensure that you have set an accurate and précised level of both temperature and pressure.

Advantages Of Sublimation Printing

It is an excellent technique to get beautiful prints on various materials that can last for a long time. The following are the other incredible advantages which the present printing technique offers o you:

  • The continuous tone is one of the top advantages which sublimation offers you. Here, every dot of the ink could be of a different color. Therefore, every user prefers this technique to get high-resolution quality and fantastic color fidelity.
  • There is no mess, as there is no liquid ink, so there would be no ink spillage.
  • The color would never fade. In sublimation process, the dye becomes part of the fabric and stays over there for a long time; therefore, you can enjoy the same vibrant and dark colors for a long time.
  • An excellent choice for the small-batch prints or if you used to print on and off.
  • It is an eco-friendly process. There is no need for water, and the requirement for energy is also minimal.
  • No need to wait; print the design and wear the shorts. The fabric does not take time to get dry.


Sublimation is the best printing technique to enjoy some outstanding results for a long time. The technique was just applicable to only polyester fabric in the past, but now you can also get identical quality prints on the cotton shirts.

So, take all of your cotton shorts out, print some fantastic designs and surprise everyone with your excellent appearance!

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