Can You Sublimate on Vinyl?

Can You Sublimate on Vinyl

Sublimation is a unique process that is widely used to transfer the dyes to multiple materials. For now, the most crucial question is that whether you can sublimate on vinyl or not? So, the answer is an absolute yes! You can sublimate on vinyl! Sublimation is suggested for white or light-colored substrates to produce ideal … Read more

What is Sublimation Ink?

What is Sublimation Ink

Everything You Need To Know About Sublimation Ink! Sublimation ink, also known as dye-sublimation ink, is a type of printer ink used in thermal printers. You may not realize this, but sublimation ink is getting popular day by day. Most people use sublimation ink to print onto fabric, or at least they do if they … Read more

HP Printer Connected to Wifi But Offline!

HP Printer Connected to Wifi But Offline

HP is the leader in the tech industry. Its printers are used by many big and small companies, institutions, and organizations. Its product quality is top-notch. And if you talk about the service, it’s really good too. However, you may have trouble printing from your HP printer, even though it’s connected to your wifi network! … Read more

Can You Sublimate On Cotton?

Can You Sublimate On Cotton

Well, it is an exciting era to live in, where you are amazed by customized products! Sublimating printing is undoubtedly an excellent technique and offers you unbelievable results. With this technique, you can create unique products and can amaze anyone. Sublimation was applied only on polyester, but now, you can also get the prints on … Read more

Difference between Sublimation Ink and Pigment Ink

Deference Between Sublimation In And Pigment Ink

People have used an inkjet printer both at home and in the office. When it’s about laser printing t-shirts and other textile clothing, most people go with dye sublimation and pigment ink. Both inks offer stunning colors to fabric, depending on the type of stuff. Pigment ink and sublimation ink are both usually used in … Read more

Vinyl vs. Screen Printing: Which One Is Better For You?

Vinyl vs. Screen Printing

There are a lot of different ways to print designs on clothing, and the two most popular methods are vinyl printing and screen printing. They each have their own unique benefits that can make them the perfect choice for different applications. Screen printing has been a popular way to produce large quantities of printed material … Read more

what printers can be used for sublimation?

what printers can be used for sublimation

The demand for heat transfer printers is also on the rise. The increase in demand for this type of printer is an excellent tool for business and personal use. Most heat transfer printers can be used at home and in a professional environment. It is essential to know which are the best sublimation printers for … Read more