What Is A Sublimation Printer?

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Sublimation is an incredible printing technique that could be used to transfer the motifs to a wide range of materials, including ceramic mugs, T-shirts, and various fabrics. The results of this printing methodology are always excellent and appreciable.

But, for this printing technique, you would require a particular type of ink and a superb printer. The sublimation printers enable you to get some high-quality prints with excellent results. They are environment-friendly to use and let you control the printing speed. Above all, you can customize a blank material with the help of a sublimation printer.

If you want to know what you need to know more about the sublimation printer, keep on reading!

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What do You need for Sublimation printing?

Sublimation printing or dye-sublimation is an efficient way to transfer the images into any suitable material. Here, the ink is directly transferred into the gaseous state in sublimation printing without passing through sublimation.

The fabric or material on which you are applying the dye has pores. So, all of these gaseous dye molecules get trapped there and are converted back into solid. A very high temperature and pressure are needed to do this process perfectly.

Now, as you have an idea about sublimation printing, it’s time to know everything required. So, don’t forget to get the following before you start the sublimation process:

Sublimation Printer

A sublimation printer is one of the essential pieces of equipment you must have if you are thinking of starting sublimation printing. Try to choose the best quality printer that is pretty easy to use and if you are a beginner, try to for the beginner-friendly one.

Various types of printers occupy the market, but they are robust, versatile, and durable. You will be surprice to know that they are available at an affordable price. With such printers, you can customize different products, including plaques, mugs, t-shirts, mousepads, coasters, and more.

Heat Press

After the printer, the second most crucial equipment you need is the heat-press, also known as the mug press. It may surprise you for a specific type of heat transfer paper, and you can also use the home iron. The heat press always makes sure that you are getting the same vibrant, consistent, and premium-quality printouts.

Remember that the market is overwhelmed with multiple types of heat presses, and all of them offer you various incredible features. The worth considering feature of a heat press is the platen size. From the size of this pate, you can get a better idea of how much surface would be available for the placement of the products.

Ink and Sublimation Papers

Ink and sublimation paper is equally necessities of a sublimation printing process. Both of these must be of equally good quality so that you can get an excellent result. Though you will get cartridges full of ink and the printer, it would be better to buy some extra ink set.

Additional Supplies

As for now, you have all the necessary equipment. It is time to look for some of the essential accessories, including gloves, spray adhesives, foam pillows, thermal tape, silicone cover sheets, and tape dispensers. All of these accessories ensure that you would perform all of your tasks just safely and professionally.

Selection of the Printers for the Sublimation Printing

Can we use any printer for sublimation? Well, most of the beginners used to look for the same question. Remember that sublimation is a very different and new way of printing. The science behind the printing or transfer of dye is different; therefore, you need to get a different type of printer.

You cannot use any ordinary printer for this purpose. Moreover, you would also have to get a particular type of printer paper and ink. A thermal printer that uses heat technology is the best option for sublimation printing.

Always look for a sublimation printer that is affordable and uses the correct piezo pressure for printing purposes. Mostly the sublimation printers you find in the market are straightforward to operate. You need to add the sublimation dye into the ink cartridges, and it is just ready to go. And before you make the purchase, make sure that you can get the best quality printer even at a very reasonable price.

You need to consider one more thing here: in sublimation printers, you need to use sublimation ink cartridges and be careful while selecting the software. Ensure that you have selected the right software for your printer, as it will help you in proper color management, let you get perfect prints, and ensure the proper printer pix-elation density. 

Printers Which Can Handle the Sublimation Paper

Not all printers can handle printing paper; therefore, it is essential to know which printers can easily handle the sublimation printing papers.

The following are the printer type that can work just perfectly with your printing papers:

  • Inject Printers: Well, it is factual that most inkjet printers are not capable of sublimation, but many options in the market come with some changes and thus become an excellent option for inkjet printing.  So, please check for those specific models.
  • Workforce Printers: These printers can also work in an excellent way for inkjet printers. Workforce printers can print inkjet papers and fulfill all the required specifications, thus letting you get tremendous prints.
  • Any Printer Specially Made For Sublimation Printing: Such printers are constructed specifically for the sublimation and can work powerfully. And, therefore, they are also advertised as sublimation printers. You can also get these for sublimation printing.

Which Printers Would Not Work For Sublimation?

The following are the printers that would not work for sublimation:

  • A printer that is not compatible with the Sublimation CISS Ink System
  • Printers available at a low price or are of low quality
  • Any printer, even of a renowned company, if it doesn’t have the fitting CISS kit, would not work for you

Final Verdict:

Sublimation printing is a perfect technique to create multiple types of excellent and customized gifts for your friend, family, or even for customers. But, the selection of the right printer would be an issue here, especially for beginners. So, if you are also searching for a sublimation printer, get the one that comes with a CISS ink system and is entirely compatible with this printing technique. And never use an ordinary printer for this printing technique.

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